Don’t worry you know exactly

What Im talking about

You’re still an animal 

As am I

And I’ll fight you


I’ll rake time like

A yard that I didn’t pay for

It’s mine 

Because I did the work

But I sure as shit

Won’t see anything from it


Sometimes there’s 

Things you wanna say

And you done because you know

What will happen

Maybe you take the risk

Maybe you keep that

Pretty trap shut

Because at the finish

There are no banners 

And there’s nothing to win

It’s that does he love you

Or does he not know what

He has


Taking words 

Like a lozenge 

Suck on it

Let it roll in your spit

Sum up a taste

You didn’t really want


To remove it

Get a little music

Distract your mind

About the same kind

Of feeling 

You get staring at the ceiling

There’s a tree there

No it’s just my mind

Who the fuck painted this

It’s not quite my kind 

Of piss

Colored white 

Something else to resist

Easier than your persisting

Singing protagonist I just

Can’t kill

It lives inside munching

On the shrill

Pitch of voice 

Used for drunk greetings 

No choice

Remove my body 

From this plaque

That builds up gaudy

Ornamental apathy

Eat facts

They taste a little different 

Bold truth

It’s like a Werthers 

Without the 




Just Ask

How’d the rest of

Your day go

Oh I see yes you didn’t write me

I definitely haven’t been 

In bed

Under the covers 

Crying about characters’

Planes taking off or

Driving through Irish countryside

Wishing I was there or

Anywhere else 

Doing anything 

But this

And it really is


I should feel

For the things I have 

In my life because I’ve

Seen more than most 

And felt so much

That it exceeds what 

My body can hold

And it comes out in 

Water and air and

Rubbing my face

Asking for reasons 

When really

I’m asking for help

For company

For understanding 

For consult

For the truth


There’s a couple ways

This can go

You surrender 

And live the computer 

Style of life


You continue to

Flounder around in

Your stupid tank

Insisting that if you keep 

Thinking so much that

It will change

But it won’t and you


That you have to take a 

Leap into the 




That you don’t know

A damn thing

And this is your chance to 

Change it

Or continue to


In your own house

So if it changes

What does it look like

Do you still 

Have air

Or do you learn to

Breathe something else

This damn town

Will give you a chance 


There’s no choice 

It will die without

A heavy handed


Which you’re really

Good at

All you have to do is

Talk to them

This ain’t forever

Sitting behind that damn





Killing all time in a 

Lifespan’s radius

Go ahead and cry

It’s something you’re also

Good at 

And the backspace 

Calls your name

And you don’t touch it 

Because if you do

You’ll have made the

Ultimate mistake 

Of second guessing 


Have a Seat

The thoughts they evaporate 

Like plumes of smoke

From my lips

They cradle words

I could not speak

My eyes search

For another glimpse

Of coy, swirling


It lingers long and still


How many jokes 

Can you tell to

Make them like you

A don’t know

A thousand seems

About right

Go ahead get mad

At least you’re

Doing something 


There’s only few of

Those that work

For themselves

And anger is

One of them


A new lead

That no one else

Can sell to

Because there’s only

One buyer 

And you’re not interested 

But forge ahead

Something will come of

This uncontrollable 

Latent singing explosion

Located in the chest

There’s no compound 

To stifle and suffocate 

The fear that resides

In an incomplete 



Gravity it’s heavy

When it hits you and

You hear the bell

Ringing to the left

Is it someone out 

In this cold rain that

Broke the heat

Or is it the wind

Giving me an answer to

The same question 

I’ve always asked 


When you love someone

Who isn’t really there

It’s like the world is lending

Only ten percent of air 

The rest of you is full

Of hope and words unsaid

Bubbling up inside 

Caressing skin to death

The spine it holds itself upright

Amidst the fear and 

Will to fight

The tears that bathe 

Scalded desire

Those the same that

Soothe the fire 

For there is not a battle here

It’s only loneliness 

That leers 

In guts and blood

And chalky taste

Waiting to step out

Less haste

Temps the weak to now


A body’s liberty

To pour

Doubts and chance and chased

A glass

Can make it go away

At last

The Roof

I sit I know this could not be 

A new day yes it dawns

I have my reasons patiently 

What is it about lawns

That make the people cut them so

It seems they give a shit

I’m not sure why leaves they blow

Has got me in the pits

For I would let the weeds run wild

And cover all my house

The only issue I could see

Is presence of the mouse

Who hides out there in shrubbery

Waiting to explore

The endless possibilities

That lie inside my door

I am

I am crazy

I am free

All my madness

Stay with me

Use my heart

And thrash my soul

Ocean waves have

Hardly told

A tale of calm

And missions saved

The older know

The surge of waves

And as my breath

Escapes my lips

I hold I pause

And wait for ships

For calm and still

Is wise yet fair

And night brings forth

A blessed air

Surrounds my skin

Envelopes me 

In hope at last

The stars I see

Is it right or

Is it wrong

Can you hear my

Endless song

A sirens voice that

Carries out

On deaf men’s ears

Who have their doubts

Of women’s ways and

Careless masts they 

Seem to move 

Without gaze cast

Upon a shore that

Does exist

If only words

Expressed the kiss

Of death as phrase

Carries itself

The words owning 

A life themselves 

Holding tainted hue

So sharp

In plain view 

There is a part

For each to play 

In life’s great path 

It may seem grey

An opaque mask

A blankets berth

The sentence stays 

To steer the earth

And then it fades

And what of those 

Who challenge thee 

With eyes that burn

From misty sea

Extend a hand

So regal slow

For they will grasp

The will to know

What they do not

The time will pass

And age will sway

All loves great last